Ángela García Domínguez CEO y traductora FR, EN > ES

Ángela García Domínguez CEO y traductora FR, EN > ES

When I was in high school I chose to study French so I was the “weird” girl who didn’t take the University Entrance Exam´s English test. However, I have always had a close relationship with the English language and I even lived in London for a while thanks to the Erasmus Exchange Program. In addition to this, I have also been getting on pretty well with Italian for the past few years. Being lucky (as I would say) as well as clever (as my mom likes to point out) was what enabled me to pass the University of Salamanca’s entrance exam, which meant that I was able to study what I wanted: translation. These were four fantastic years from which I keep very good memories and even better friends. On top of everything, I loved the Degree, especially our professional internships, where the work environment was very similar to reality. It’s worth mentioning that translation is no different from any other discipline: it’s important to always keep on learning, and that’s why I continue to study and train myself every single day.

When facing a new text I’m meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist, and I have a good time investigating and asking questions until I find the exact expression I was looking for. Every text is a challenge and translating is an enriching activity, especially when it is carried out as a team task. Apart from that, I have attended several translation courses and have been a translation intern in several companies such as Michelin. I have a preference for scientific-technical translation and I love everything related to economics and photography. I have professional experience in other sectors, but I’m not going to write everything here so you can take a look at my CV and my Linkedin profile if you want to learn more about me.

That’s all about my professional career. Focusing on my personal life, I would highlight the fact that I travel whenever I can. I have visited many amazing countries and, even if I know comparisons are odious, I dare to say that one of my favorite places in the world is Asturias, my home. My favorite word is “morriña” (homesick) because I like its meaning and the way it sounds. I always carry my camera and a book in my handbag. I spend some time on the Internet everyday visiting design, craft and celebration blogs and I also do my best to keep my reputation of being a very thoughtful person. I don’t enjoy going shopping and, even if I try my best, I’m a failure at sports. I’m determined when it comes to important matters, but I like to have the opinion of a thousand people when making a trivial decision.

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